Fitness and propriety extends to treatment of QBCC staff

The QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, recently wrote to the State’s building and construction industry stakeholders with respect to an important matter affecting the QBCC.

There has been an alarming increase in the number of QBCC staff being threatened and abused whilst undertaking their duties.

As an industry regulator, the QBCC is tasked with ensuring that the State’s licensed builders and trade contractors maintain appropriate standards.

The QBCC also continuously assesses a licensee’s fitness and propriety in accordance with standards including:

  • the standard of honesty and integrity demonstrated by licensees in their commercial and other dealings
  • any failure to carry out commercial or statutory obligations; and
  • any other relevant factor.

The recent behaviour of some of licensees falls outside of these standards, and this will not be tolerated. Where appropriate, matters will be referred to the Queensland Police Service for further action.

In addition, licensees found not to demonstrate appropriate standards of behaviour towards QBCC staff may face licence suspension and cancellation action.