Make sure your building contract complies with the law

The easiest and cheapest way to make sure your domestic building contract complies with legislation introduced earlier this year is to use a standard form contract produced by the QBCC or a major industry association.

Acting Commissioner of the QBCC, Kellie Lowe, said the changes, introduced on 1 July, helped create a level playing field for all parties to the contract and clearly specified the minimum requirements for domestic building contracts in Queensland.

Using a standard contract also gives you the best chance of getting paid and avoiding potential fines for breaches of the legislation.

If you develop your own contract you will need help from a lawyer to ensure it complies and you must still provide home owners with a copy of the QBCC Consumer Building Guide for all contracts priced at $20,000 or more.

Download a contract for domestic building work.

Download the QBCC Consumer Building Guide.