Report into lead levels of the drinking water supply at Perth Children’s Hospital

In July 2017, the Western Australian State Government released the Report on Perth Children’s Hospital Potable Water following the discovery of lead levels at above the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) in the drinking water supply of the hospital.

Lead at higher than suitable levels was identified in the drinking water supply in May, 2016. The construction of the new Perth Children’s Hospital had commenced in 2012.

The findings of a review into the issue concluded that:

  1. the source of the lead in the water is from brass fittings that have undergone a process of dezincification;
  2. many of these brass fittings are located within approximately 1200 Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) Assembly Boxes, located within a metre or two of drinking water outlets; and 
  3. phosphate treatment has been partially but not sufficiently effective in reducing lead levels. 

The report outlines the results of the review and puts forwards nine recommendations, with the first being to remove all TMV Assembly Boxes linked to drinking water outlets at the PCH.

Read the Report on Perth Children’s Hospital Potable Water.