STC goes to Bundaberg

The Service Trades Council (STC) travelled to Bundaberg in August to meet with local licensees and hear directly from them about issues impacting the services trades in the region.

QBCC Assistant Commissioner, Esther Blest, said that Bundaberg’s regional industry forum provided the STC members with new insights into local issues.

STC members, Stephen Jennison and Bradley Hodgkinson, also delivered a well-received presentation on hot water system installations and legionella.

To coincide with the STC meeting, the QBCC also carried out a compliance audit in the region.

“QBCC investigators visited 31 work sites, and detected two people suspected of operating without a licence and two people operating on an expired licence.

“In total, QBCC investigators checked 104 licences of those working in plumbing and drainage in the Bundaberg region,” Ms Blest said.

The STC will be in Mackay on 26 October for the next STC meeting and industry event.