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Seeking your feedback on the QBCC’s future direction

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The QBCC is on a mission to work smarter by using data, analytics and automation to help us make better informed decisions and become a more effective regulator.

We are focused on ensuring that new laws are implemented effectively to ensure that people get paid for the work they do and where consumers are protected from non-conforming building products.

In the QBCC Working Smarter video, we briefly outline how we’re becoming more proactive and effective in order to meet the sector’s growing needs.


Safe Work – shaping a culture of safety for young workers

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Do you supervise or manage young workers? If so, you have the greatest influence on their attitude to work safety.

October was Safe Work Month which raised awareness of the importance of workplace health and safety. This short video titled ‘The right start: shaping a culture of safety for young workers’ from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland follows two young workers during their work day and highlights the differences between effective and ineffective supervision and the impact on these workers.


Shutters or blinds, window enclosures or panel walls installed to completed buildings may impinge upon building occupant safety

Glazed window enclosures retrofitted to balconies


In the wake of London’s Grenfell Tower fire tragedy and Melbourne’s Lacrosse Tower, combustible cladding has been identified as a major safety concern for occupants of multi-storey apartment buildings. 

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is at the forefront of the Queensland Government’s effort to ensure building occupant safety is maintained and improved on all private and public buildings.

Engage a building certifier if unsure whether building approvals are required

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In response to the QBCC’s recent public warning about unsafe and defective work relating to the construction of a glass balustrade system on a balcony, the QBCC is urging homeowners and contractors to consult a building certifier if they are unsure whether a Building Approval is required for any proposed new or remedial building works.

Building Certifiers are responsible for ensuring that any new or remedial work being proposed is suitable for its intended purpose and compliant with current standards, and can advise on whether a Building Approval is necessary.

Licences required for those who install and service gaseous fire suppression systems

Queensland technicians and companies who install, decommission, service or maintain gaseous fire suppression systems or portable extinguishers containing ODS or SGG must ensure they also hold the necessary licences and permits as required by the Australian Government. This is in addition to the QBCC licensing requirements.

Temporary Building Sites and Permits

Licensees and industry members are reminded that temporary structures must meet safety expectations and comply with all relevant Queensland laws. Temporary structures are used for a variety of reasons, including on construction sites and at public and private events.

QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, has reiterated the need for licensees to meet their obligations, whether a structure is a temporary or permanent one.