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Designing and building to accommodate earthquake loads

Compliance with relevant standards

Recent devastating earthquakes around the world should remind all building industry practitioners of the importance of ensuring that our buildings in Australia comply with the National Construction Code and Australian Standard AS1170.4 `Earthquake actions in Australia’.

Let’s not forget the fact that Australia has experienced the devastation caused by an earthquake on the morning of 28 December 1989 at Newcastle where 13 people were killed and more than 160 were hospitalised.   

Where we will be visiting in 2019

The Service Trades Council holds free industry forums throughout Queensland each year. These forums provide an opportunity for the Council to meet with and hear about issues affecting the industry. These forums are also a way for licensees to learn about important changes in the industry and to ask questions.

In 2019 the Council will be visiting the following locations:

Recognising and preventing heat stress

Working in the plumbing and drainage, fire protection, air-conditioning and mechanical industries often involves working under hot and humid conditions. But there are preventative measures you can take to prevent heat-related illness such as drinking lots of water and avoiding caffeine.

Remember that not everyone reacts to heat in the same way. The way heat affects people varies from person to person and is influenced by:

Reminder to report Safety Incidents when they occur

Did you know that, as a licensee, you are now obligated to notify the QBCC immediately, as well as Workplace Health and Safety when you become aware of a ‘notifiable safety incident’ on your worksite?

Safety is important and without notification of an incident the QBCC are unable to make the necessary immediate enquiries, which in turn hampers our contribution to reducing unsafe practices in the industry.

New annual reporting obligations for contractors

The new Minimum Financial Requirements (MFR) Regulation commenced on 1 January 2019. The Regulation will operate alongside the current MFR policy, which was introduced in October 2014. These laws will support the security of payment initiatives within the building and construction industry. 

Under the new laws, QBCC licensees who hold a contractor grade licence will be required to meet annual financial reporting obligations. 

What do you need to do today?

If you are a licensee within financial categories self-certifying 1 (SC1) to Category 3:

Seeking your feedback on the QBCC’s future direction

Poster with graphics with text - Find out how we're working smarter

The QBCC is on a mission to work smarter by using data, analytics and automation to help us make better informed decisions and become a more effective regulator.

We are focused on ensuring that new laws are implemented effectively to ensure that people get paid for the work they do and where consumers are protected from non-conforming building products.

In the QBCC Working Smarter video, we briefly outline how we’re becoming more proactive and effective in order to meet the sector’s growing needs.


Safe Work – shaping a culture of safety for young workers

Site safety sign

Do you supervise or manage young workers? If so, you have the greatest influence on their attitude to work safety.

October was Safe Work Month which raised awareness of the importance of workplace health and safety. This short video titled ‘The right start: shaping a culture of safety for young workers’ from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland follows two young workers during their work day and highlights the differences between effective and ineffective supervision and the impact on these workers.