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Engage a building certifier if unsure whether building approvals are required

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In response to the QBCC’s recent public warning about unsafe and defective work relating to the construction of a glass balustrade system on a balcony, the QBCC is urging homeowners and contractors to consult a building certifier if they are unsure whether a Building Approval is required for any proposed new or remedial building works.

Building Certifiers are responsible for ensuring that any new or remedial work being proposed is suitable for its intended purpose and compliant with current standards, and can advise on whether a Building Approval is necessary.

Licences required for those who install and service gaseous fire suppression systems

Queensland technicians and companies who install, decommission, service or maintain gaseous fire suppression systems or portable extinguishers containing ODS or SGG must ensure they also hold the necessary licences and permits as required by the Australian Government. This is in addition to the QBCC licensing requirements.

Temporary Building Sites and Permits

Licensees and industry members are reminded that temporary structures must meet safety expectations and comply with all relevant Queensland laws. Temporary structures are used for a variety of reasons, including on construction sites and at public and private events.

QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, has reiterated the need for licensees to meet their obligations, whether a structure is a temporary or permanent one.

Why Plumbers need the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA)

The PCA contains the technical requirements for plumbing in Australia. It is the critical link between the Plumbing Acts and Regulations in each State and Territory and product or installation standards.

Plumbing compliance is more than meeting the requirements in the AS/NZS 3500 series of standards, you also need to comply with PCA requirements.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has a range of resources available to increase your knowledge of the PCA. Check out the ABCB Resource Library for details.

Maintenance of Hot Water Systems

A joint investigation by the QBCC and Queensland Health has revealed that home owners are often not aware that hot water systems need to be serviced regularly.

Plumbers should remind home owners that it is generally recommended for hot water systems to be serviced by an appropriately licensed individual. Where the source water for the system is not a potable, reticulated source, the system may need to be serviced more frequently.

WaterMark standards and non-conforming building products

Did you know that a plumbing or drainage product required to have WaterMark is a ‘non-conforming building product’ if it is being offered for sale in Queensland without WaterMark?

Section 74AB of the QBCC Act defines a ‘building product’ as “any material or thing associated with, or that could be associated with a building” and provides that—

“A building product is a non-conforming building product for an intended use if—

(a) the association of the product with a building for the use—

(i) …

Training in progress

In June, Trish Kubale, QBCC Team Leader, Plumbing and Pools Safety Licensing and Courteney Parun, QBCC Plumbing and Pools Safety Licensing Officer gave a presentation to a class of 15 students completing their Certificate III in Plumbing at the Services Trades College in Salisbury.