Display your QBCC licence number or cop a fine

It is an offence under the QBCC Act not to display your QBCC licence number when advertising or marketing your services as a licensed contractor.

For example, it must be included in your newspaper advertisements, vehicle advertising and on Facebook posts advertising your services.

On-the-spot fines may apply.  

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There are a lot of Tilers advertising on Gumtree in Brisbane, 1 in 10 appear to hold a QBCC licence, Do these guys ever get fined? Seems to be the same unlicenced guys advertising every week?

Jasona - Thank you for your comment. QBCC proactively audits publications as well as complaints about breaches of advertising requirements. To ensure your particular complaint is considered you may wish to complete a Notification of Offence Form and forward to us so we may consider the appropriate action to take. The form can be found at: http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/sites/default/files/Notification%20of%20Offence.pdf In regards to whether QBCC issues fines to offenders who breach advertising requirements, in the last financial year QBCC investigated about 230 incidents of possible advertising offences. As a result about 40 infringement notices were issued.