New way to lodge Form 4s

Licensees will soon have a new way to submit their notifiable work (Form 4/4A) online via myQBCC.

This new solution will replace the current online function performed through the Plumbing Application System (or PAS).

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has developed this new service in consultation with all areas of the industry (including licensees, local governments, peak bodies, public sector entities and administrators) to ensure it will be simpler and easier to submit their forms.

Some key features for licensees and their staff include:

  • enhanced address search option to provide accurate location details
  • new guided view of the schedule of notifiable work, to help licensees choose the correct category of work
  • option for licensees to easily provide more details about the work they have performed
  • ability to have a nominated representative lodge Form 4s on behalf of a licensee through their own myQBCC account
  • ability to save credit card details securely and pay for multiple Form 4s at once
  • ability for a PDF of the lodged Form 4/4a to be produced after the notification has been submitted so that it can be provided as a record of lodgement.

Licensees and their relevant staff will be able to use myQBCC to lodge their notifiable work (Form 4/4A), and those who don’t already have a myQBCC account are encouraged to register for one now. 

User guides will be available to assist licensees in submitting notifiable work (Form 4/4A) via myQBCC.

For more information, call the QBCC (24/7) on 139 333 or use the online enquiries form.