PSIs must provide accurate information

As the 30 November deadline for a single pool safety standard approaches, the QBCC anticipates an increase in demand for the services of pool safety inspectors (PSIs). 

The QBCC is promoting the pool safety message but pool owners might also become aware of their obligations through the advertising activities of their local PSIs.

Home owners may engage the services of PSIs for advice on how to comply with the pool safety standard and it is important to get the correct information.

The QBCC has investigated numerous complaints about PSIs falsely advertising that all pool owners need a pool safety certificate by 30 November 2015. 

All pools, including spas and some portable pools, will need to comply with the pool safety standard by 30 November 2015, or earlier if the property is sold or leased.

From 1 December 2015, properties with a compliant pool will only require a pool safety certificate if the property is sold or leased. More details are available on the QBCC website.

Local government authorities can undertake compliance audits of swimming pools to ensure pool owners are complying with safety standards and can issue fines for non-compliance.

Please note: The only exception is class 3 buildings (hotels/motels) with pools, which must have a certificate or an approved pool safety management plan at all times.

For more information visit Pool safety.