PSIs play a role when owners work on their own fences

With the pool safety compliance deadline just around the corner, some pool owners will want to do significant work to their pool fence.

Pool owners can already do some repairs and maintenance on a pool fence without building approval. Some owners can do further works without building approval provided they have the work inspected by a pool safety inspector (PSI).

This applies to work on a barrier for an existing non-shared pool for a class 1a building (house or townhouse), and there are limits for fences over two metres in height.

If owners fit the criteria, they can even replace the fence without building approval.

These pool owners may not be aware that they can do this, and will rely on a PSI to provide accurate and up-to-date information on what they can and can’t do.

The requirements are that, before starting the work, the owner arranges for an inspection of the pool within three months. 

If the existing fence has no current certificate and is not compliant, they must also obtain a nonconformity notice before the work starts. After that, the owner must ensure the PSI inspects the work (again) within three months.

The owner is responsible for ensuring there is an appropriate temporary fence in place. The special approval requirements for a temporary fence in this situation are provided in standard modification 4 of the Queensland Development Code, Mandatory Part 3.4.

Owners need to be aware that if they don’t engage a PSI and have the work reinspected within three months, they may be subject to fines for doing building work without approval.