QBCC audits plumbing and fire protection workers in Rocky

Plumbing, drainage, hydrant and sprinkler systems were put to the test during a proactive audit of Rockhampton building and other highly populated sites by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) on 26-27 April, 2017. 

QBCC Assistant Commissioner, Esther Blest, said that QBCC investigators interviewed nine individuals from 13 building sites to ensure plumbers, drainers and fire protection workers on the job were appropriately licensed.

“Hydrant and sprinkler systems of large-scale commercial buildings were also checked for compliance, in an effort to safeguard occupants and educate those responsible on their licensing requirements.    

“Over the course of these site visits, QBCC investigators found only one suspected case of unlicensed plumbing, drainage or fire protection work and are making further enquiries.

“The results are pleasing to see as unlicensed work is a significant issue for the building industry, particularly due to the serious risks defective and non-compliant plumbing, drainage and fire protection work pose for local communities and the workers themselves.”

She said that all building, plumbing and drainage work in Queensland must be carried out by a licensed person. This also applied to fire protection work.

Ms Blest said that the proactive compliance activities were also an opportunity for onsite licensees of all trades to learn more about the stringent licensing requirements of plumbing, drainage and fire protection work.

“It also provided an opportunity to make owners of existing buildings aware of their lawful responsibilities in having fire safety installations, such as sprinklers, hydrants and hose reels regularly maintained, by an appropriately licensed fire protection tradesperson.”

Ms Blest said that the Service Trades Council was also in town during this period to meet with licensees, local government and other stakeholders, so they could find out first-hand about issues facing those working in the service trades in Rockhampton.

“The STC also shared a wealth of information with licensees at an event on 27 April 2017.

“This included an update on the QBCC’s new online lodgement system for notifiable work, Cyclone Debbie and flood recovery work, as well as things to remember when installing hot water systems and the supervision of building, plumbing and drainage work,” she said.

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If the qbcc was serious about stopping unlicensed works they would stop places like Bunnings selling plumbing fittings direct to the public

Hi Mgm, thanks for getting in touch. Point of sale legislation is governed by federal laws, but the QBCC is proactively working with other agencies and retailers to ensure plumbing products have the necessary certification and are installed by a licensed plumber. Anyone found to be breaching these laws may receive significant fines for doing so. If you're interested in discussing further, please feel free to give us a call on 139 333. Thanks, Kate