When PSIs are engaged for advice only

Pool safety inspectors (PSIs) have reported that they are receiving increasing numbers of requests for advice only, rather than a formal inspection.

The pool safety inspector guidelines recommend clearly documenting the arrangement so that the customer understands what service is being provided - whether advice only or a formal pool safety inspection. 

If the customer later requests a formal inspection, the recommendation is to encourage the owner to engage a different inspector. This is to help PSIs avoid misunderstandings and complaints leading to investigation by the QBCC.

With the pool safety awareness campaign, these scenarios are occurring more often. For example, the pool owner doesn’t need a certificate and initially engages the PSI for advice only. Six months later, the owner decides to obtain a certificate for peace or mind, or because they’ve decided to rent the property out. They ask the same PSI to do a formal inspection and the PSI agrees to the request.

PSIs have asked how these situations can lead to complaints.

An example would be where an owner engages the PSI initially for ‘advice’ only, as a way to deliberately avoid the nonconformity notice process, with the intention of having the same PSI later perform a formal inspection and issue a certificate after the fence has been made compliant. A PSI who knowingly participated could be breaching the code of conduct.

Disciplinary action for breaches of the code of conduct can include monetary penalties and licence suspension.