Building Design – Open

Download this scope of work – Building Design Open (PDF)

Scope of work

  • Prepare plans and specifications for buildings of any height or floor area
  • Contract administration in relation to building work designed by the licensee.

Qualifications required

Any one of the following:

  • successful completion of any one of the following courses:

    • Bachelor of Design (Architectural Studies) DE42 (QUT)
    • Bachelor of Building Design CU65 (CQU)
  • successful completion of a course the commission considers is at least equivalent to one of the courses above
  • a recognition certificate as a building designer qualified to carry out the scope of work for the licence class
  • a qualification or statement of attainment of required competency issued by an approved authority for the class of licence.

Experience required

Two years experience in:

  • the licence class scope of work, or
  • other work the commission is satisfied is at least equivalent to experience in the scope of work for the class.

Financial requirements

The relevant financial requirements in the board’s policies.

Licence types

You can apply for this licence class as a:

Important note:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is required for this licence class.

Registered Training Organisations

The minimum qualification for this class is the Advanced Diploma of Building Design and Project Administration. Currently, there are no Queensland based Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) offering a formal qualification. RTOs in other States or Territories may offer a similar type of Advanced Diploma in Building Design. Alternative qualifications are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Building Design CU65 (
  • Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Architectural Studies) DE42 (
  • Built Environment Design Institute Ltd is the training arm of Building Designers Association of Queensland (BDAQ), offers the Graduate Certificate in Building Design CPP80113.