Contractor offences

Exclusion due to bankruptcy or liquidation

A person becomes an 'excluded individual' when they:

  • become bankrupt, or take advantage of bankruptcy laws by entering into an agreement under the Bankruptcy Act 1966
  • are a director, secretary or influential person for a company at any time up to a year before the company has a provisional liquidator, liquidator, administrator or controller appointed, or is wound up or ordered to be wound up.

The Excluded individuals and companies fact sheet (PDF) has more information. 

Excluded individual restrictions

If you are excluded, you can't:

  • hold a QBCC contractor or nominee supervisor’s licence, or
  • run a QBCC-licensed company.

A person involved in 2 separate insolvency events faces life exclusion.

In some circumstances, and only if the insolvency event occurred before 1 July 2015, you may apply to us to become a 'permitted individual'. Apply within 28 days after you receive an exclusion notice using the application form found on our Applying to become a permitted individual page. You can only make 1 application for each relevant event (i.e. insolvency event).