Apply for a licence

Moving from interstate

You must hold a QBCC licence before you carry out any building work in Queensland.

If you have a licence in another state, you can apply for an equivalent QBCC licence without the need to provide a technical qualification or experience. However, in some cases you may need to complete a managerial qualification.

Is my interstate licence equivalent?

You can find a handy search tool for equivalent licences between each state at the Licence Recognition website. It gives a rough idea of the equivalent licence, but ultimately, we need to assess your application before a final decision can be reached.


Companies can’t use the mutual recognition process. See Apply for a company licence for more information.

New Zealand applicants

If you hold a New Zealand licence, you can apply for an equivalent QBCC licence but must complete an approved managerial course.

For those who have a site licence in areas 1, 2 or 3, contact us before applying or completing a managerial course. Submit a certified copy of your New Zealand licence before applying or completing a managerial course.

How to apply

Fill out the Mutual Recognition Application Form (PDF), providing:

  • a certified copy of your current interstate licence
  • financial information that shows you meet the Minimum Financial Requirements (PDF) - Nominee Supervisor applicants don’t need to supply financial information
  • proof of identity (e.g. a certified copy of your driver’s licence or passport)
  • If contracting under a trading name, a current copy of your Record of Registration from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission
  • If contracting under a partnership, proof of the business partnership or an original or certified copy of QBCC’s Statutory Declaration for a Partnership Agreement (PDF)
  • For some applicants, such as South Australian applicants with only a supervisor licence, you must complete a QBCC-approved managerial course.
  • current licence application fees

Lodge your application by post, to GPO Box 5099 Brisbane, Queensland 4001 (please provide copies of original documents only, unless we request otherwise) or in person at your nearest QBCC office.

How to apply - mutual recognition for occupational plumbers and drainers

If you intend to work as an employee or a contractor, you need to apply for an occupational licence in Queensland. If you want to work as a contractor, see the process immediately above.

Occupational plumbers and drainers licence:

We process applications within 4 weeks. You must keep your interstate/New Zealand licence active during that time.

The licence we issue will depend on the interstate or New Zealand licence class you hold, and we may place a condition on your licence class.

Can I start work before my licence is approved?

No. Carrying out building work before your licence is granted is unlicensed contracting.