Get help getting paid (BCIPA)

After the adjudication decision

Payment of the adjudicated amount 

If the adjudicator has decided on the amount to be paid, it’s called an ‘adjudicated amount’. Who pays this amount and any additional fee will be decided by the adjudicator.

Once a decision is made, the claimant must serve the decision on the respondent.  The respondent will have 5 business days, or the time stated within the decision, to pay the adjudicated amount.

What happens when the adjudicated amount is not paid?

You can apply to the courts to have the decision become a judgment debt by lodging an adjudication certificate with the appropriate court.

The certificate must also be filed in the appropriate court with an affidavit stating that the whole or part of the adjudicated amount has not been paid at the time the certificate is filed. The registry will supply you with an affidavit to complete when the certificate is created.

Apply online or download an Application for Adjudication Certificate form. Complete and return it with the required fee, by mail, fax or deliver to any QBCC office.

Claimed amount excluding GST Certificate fee
If the claimed amount is $25,000 or less $57.35
If the claimed amount is more than $25,000 $114.70


While all complaints are carefully considered, the adjudication registry can't review or overturn an adjudicator's decision; this must be done in the courts.

If you wish to have a decision reviewed, seek legal advice.


If you want to complain about the conduct of a staff member at the Adjudication Registry or the appointed adjudicator, go online or complete a complaint form.