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Apply to become an adjudicator

If you’re interested in becoming an adjudicator you must meet specific suitability requirements. One of those requirements is that a person must hold an adjudication qualification or another qualification that the registrar considers to be equivalent to an adjudication qualification. 

Section 3 of the Building and Construction Industry Payments Regulation 2004 prescribes an adjudication qualification course, “Certificate in Adjudication”.  Contract Administration Group Pty Ltd is the body named in the Building and Construction Industry Payments Regulation 2004, section 3 and schedule 1 as the body authorised to issue the Certificate in Adjudication.

The application form and information about the course is available from Contract Administration Group.

For more information on the suitability requirements, see Section 60 of the Act or contact the Adjudication Registry on 139 333.

If you hold an adjudication qualification, you can apply for registration by completing the adjudicator application form.

After registration, you may be eligible to decide adjudications upon referral by the registrar of the Adjudication Registry at the QBCC.

Your referral to an application is determined by your qualifications, skill and experience. Keeping this in mind, there is no guarantee of your referral to an application.


We send you a renewal notice every three years, three months before your registration expires. The current renewal fee is $796.80.

Cancellation or suspension

Your registration can be suspended or cancelled if:

  • you are not, or are no longer a suitable person to hold registration;
  • you have contravened a condition of registration; or
  • the registration was issued because of a materially false or misleading representation or declaration.