Information for adjudicators

Continuing Professional Development

Adjudicators are required to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities as a condition of their registration.

An adjudicator is required to:

  • complete ten CPD units in each CPD year
  • keep a written record of their CPD activities in a form approved by the Registrar LINK to CPD record ‘approved form’
  • provide their CPD record to the Registrar in the approved form, within ten business days of the end of the CPD year.


A CPD unit is one hour of continuing professional development activity approved under regulation.

A CPD year is from 1 April to 31 March in the following year.

Approved CPD actvities

Approved CPD activities may consist of

  • completing a course;
  • attending an education program, seminar, workshop, lecture, conference or discussion group;
  • participating in a multimedia-based or website-based program;
  • listening to or viewing recorded material (for example, audio tapes, videos, DVDs) of an event that occurred in the relevant CPD year;
  • studying relevant postgraduate courses;

or any combination of two or more of these activities.

The CPD requirements can be found in the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Regulation 2017.

The Continuing Professional Development Policy 2018 (PDF) includes further information.

Enquiries regarding CPD requirements should be directed to the adjudication registry: