Carmichael Builders Pty Ltd has gone into administration

12 June 2015

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has received notification that Carmichael Builders Pty Ltd has gone into administration.

Acting QBCC Commissioner, Kellie Lowe, said that the company and the individuals running it now face exclusion action.

Under the current legislation, if an individual is excluded, they are unable to hold a QBCC contractor or nominee supervisor’s licence, or be a director, secretary or influential person for a QBCC-licensed company for five years.

 “A business entering into administration is never a good outcome for those that work in and with the construction industry, and the QBCC takes whatever steps are within its powers to prevent it from happening,” Ms Lowe said.

Under the minimum financial requirements, failure to pay a legitimately owed debt that is not subject to a genuine dispute would result in loss of licence.

“It is important that subcontractors come to us and complain if they are not being paid, so that we can investigate the matter as early as possible and, if appropriate, take further action,” Ms Lowe said

Sub-contractors and suppliers who believe they are owed money by Carmichael Builders Pty Ltd are advised to contact the appointed administrator, Hall Chadwick, on (07) 3211 1250.

For more information call the QBCC 24/7 on 139 333 or visit



For enquiries phone 139 333.