Dispute service makes for happy endings

3 July 2015

A year on from introducing an early dispute resolution service, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has had 1097 dispute cases lodged by builders and home owners.

The QBCC Commissioner Steve Griffin, said, “This is a fantastic result for people building or renovating their homes and the building industry.”

Prior to the introduction of this service, there was no assistance offered to builders and home owners in dispute until after the contract had been terminated or completed. This was simply too late to achieve a good outcome for both parties.

“Often a dispute developed from what started out as a simple misunderstanding between a builder and owner, and without early intervention the situation deteriorated to a point where neither party could be happy with the result.

“Our free early dispute resolution service was introduced to help those people resolve their disputes as quickly as possible outside costly and time-consuming court processes. In fact, 173 cases were able to be resolved quickly over the telephone,” Mr Griffin said.

Mr Griffin said, “The even better news is that 83% of cases were resolved within 28 working days whereas previously this could have been months or years.”

“The Commission’s free, quick and no-fuss dispute resolution service will ensure that people have peace of mind and continue to invest in building and renovating their homes,” Mr Griffin said.

From 1 June 2015, the service was expanded to help principal contractors resolve defective or incomplete building work issues which can arise with their subcontractors.


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