Muldavaly Homes goes in to liquidation

21 July 2014

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has received notification that Meldavaly Homes Pty Ltd has gone into liquidation.

QBCC Commissioner, Steve Griffin said the company’s building licence was immediately suspended on 9 July 2014 due to concerns about its financial position.

‘Once we learnt of the company’s financial position we suspended the builder’s licence in order to prevent the company from incurring further debt with subcontractors and suppliers and entering into contracts with consumers it could never meet’, Mr Griffin said.

Given the impact on employees, subcontractors, suppliers and consumers, the appointment of a liquidator to the building company is very disappointing.
“There is, however, good news for consumers who have entered into contracts with Meldavaly Homes”, Mr Griffin said. ‘Fortunately the home warranty insurance scheme operated by the QBCC will enable them to get back deposits and complete their homes with other builders’.

‘The Commission has begun to contact effected consumers. However, we encourage homeowners who have concerns about incomplete or defective work performed by Meldavaly Homes to contact the QBCC 24/7 on 139 333’.

Sucontractors and suppliers who believe they are owed money by Meldavaley Homes are advised to contact the appointed liquidator, Hall Chadwick, on (07) 3211 1250.



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