New, free review system for building disputes

21 November 2014

New, free review system for building disputes

A free, internal review service is now available to anyone dissatisfied with certain decisions made by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).
Reviewable decisions apply to licensing, rectification orders, compliance issues, certification investigations or insurance claims made by the QBCC.

QBCC Commissioner, Steve Griffin, said anyone dissatisfied with decisions of this type could either apply to access the QBCC’s internal review service, or apply for an external review of the decision in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

“I’m confident that this new internal review process will result in disputes being resolved far more quickly than in the past,” Mr Griffin said.

“Internal review applications can be made within 28 days of receiving the original decision and the QBCC will conduct a review within 28 days of receiving the application, unless the applicant agrees to extend that timeframe.

“This is a quick, cost-free option for all parties to a QBCC decision to access in the first instance, rather than the lengthier, paid-for QCAT external review process,” Mr Griffin said.

The new system does not take away the right to apply to QCAT for an external review in the first instance, and if a person is not satisfied with the outcome of the internal review process at the QBCC, they still have the right to apply to QCAT to review the decision.

Internal reviews are conducted by experienced QBCC officers not involved in the original decision. The reviewer is of a level equal to or more senior than the person who made the original decision.

The internal review system is part of the Queensland Government’s Ten Point Action Plan.
It improves governance and risk management, and reduces red tape at no additional cost to industry and consumers.

The review process has been made possible by recent amendments contained in the Professional Engineers and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014.



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Manager, Communications

Queensland Building and Construction Commission

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