Plumbers, drainers, pool inspectors join building Commission

4 November 2014

Plumbers, drainers and pool safety inspectors will be licensed by the building industry regulator from 10 November, to reduce red tape and the costs and burden for licensees.

There were previously different regulators for occupational (PIC) and contractor (QBCC) licensing for the plumbing and drainage industry in Queensland.

Plumbing, licensing, compliance and disciplinary functions of the Plumbing Industry Council (PIC) will be transferred to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) on 10 November.

QBCC Commissioner, Steve Griffin, said the change would reduce red tape and administrative costs for licensees.

“The QBCC as the single regulator will provide significant operational efficiencies and reduce administrative costs and burdens on licensees, including a saving of $123.10 if a licence is renewed annually,” Mr Griffin said.

Savings in efficiencies and reductions in regulation and costs will also occur when pool safety inspectors, many of whom also hold other QBCC licences, are regulated by the QBCC.

Pool safety inspectors had previously been regulated by the Pool Safety Council. The newly formed Pool Safety Consultative Group will now provide advice to the State Government on pool safety issues.

The Plumbing Industry Consultative Group will replace the Plumbing Industry Council in advising the Government on plumbing and drainage issues.

The changes have occurred through the passage of the Professional Engineers and Other Legislation Amendment Bill in Queensland Parliament.



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