Plumbing and electrical safety checks a priority

6 July 2016

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) recently joined forces with the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) to audit plumbing, drainage and electrical safety at 35 Brisbane and Sunshine Coast construction sites.

Together, the QBCC and ESO conducted checks of almost 400 licensees, with the QBCC issuing more than $2,300 in fines to two individuals for unlicensed plumbing or drainage work.

Two individuals were also fined a total of more than $2,300 for supervising unlicensed plumbing or drainage work.

The QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, said that this was the first time the QBCC plumbing investigators had carried out a joint audit with ESO inspectors.

“This level of collaboration has led to a stronger working relationship between the QBCC and the ESO, and it can only have positive impacts on compliance levels in the construction industry.

“Safety must be paramount when it comes to building work and all trades need to be aware that the standard mandatory separation distances for plumbing services, wiring and gas installation must be maintained,” Mr Bassett said.

He said that all plumbing, drainage and electrical work must be carried out by a licensed person, and that the QBCC conducted ongoing audits of construction sites across the state to make sure those working in the industry were playing fairly.

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