Public Warning - Ultraseal Restorations Pty Ltd & Jarvis Henry Jenkins

26 May 2017

This is a warning by the Commissioner of the QBCC to the public under section 20J(1)(h) of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has issued a public warning about unlawful and defective building work being performed by Ultraseal Restorations Pty Ltd and the company’s director, Jarvis Henry Jenkins. 

QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, has urged consumers, contractors and suppliers to exercise extreme caution in their dealings with Ultraseal Restorations Pty Ltd and Mr Jenkins. 

“Mr Jenkins and Ultraseal Restorations Pty Ltd do not hold a QBCC licence and so are not able to quote, carry out, or enter into contracts to carry out building work in Queensland valued over $3,300,” Mr Bassett said. 

It is alleged that Mr Jenkins and Ultraseal Restorations Pty Ltd have been carrying out unlawful building work and related services in multiple Brisbane suburbs, including Parkinson, Sandstone Point and Wishart. 

The QBCC has received numerous complaints about the company and has found it has carried out defective work, mainly relating to painting, including roofs and driveways. 

Mr Jenkins is an excluded individual, which means that he is prohibited from holding a QBCC contractor or nominee licence and from being a director, secretary or influential person of a QBCC-licensed company. 

The company is known to advertise and carry out work under variations of the names: 

  • Ultra Seal Pty Ltd 
  • Ultraseal and 
  • USR Pty Ltd. 

The company advertises on Facebook, trade services and other websites, by mailbox drops and door-to-door sales. 

The QBCC urges home owners to conduct research before engaging contractors, and recommends engaging a licensed contractor regardless of the size of the job. 

You can check a licence with a free online search at or call the QBCC on 139 333.


For enquiries call 139 333.