QBCC clarifies QCAT findings into defective building work

14 September 2015

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has sought to clarify aspects of an article (‘Leak washes up anomaly’, also titled ‘How a leak washed up a costly QCAT anomaly’) that was published in various regional newspapers at the end of last week.

The article focused on a long-standing dispute about defective building work that was recently heard in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). Comment was not sought from the QBCC in relation to this article.

The QBCC Interim Commissioner Kellie Lowe maintains that the QBCC did not breach the terms of any settlement agreement or QCAT order. She said the matter was complicated and that the allegations had not been properly tested before an appropriate court or QCAT. This is as set out in the QCAT decision.

Further, Ms Lowe said any person can appear in any court or tribunal in a self-represented capacity and that there was no requirement that an individual be legally represented.  

She also said two different defective work complaints concerning Goldfield Projects had been reported on in the article but only one of these had been finalised in QCAT.

She said the claim that a QBCC building inspector had cut into a bathroom’s waterproofing is not related to the dispute over the settlement agreement between QBCC and Goldfield Projects and had yet to be finalised in separate proceedings.

If issues arise during a building project, the QBCC offers contractors and home owners a free dispute resolution service to help resolve disputes as quickly as possible.

During 2014-2015, the QBCC received 1097 dispute resolution cases and finalised 1017 of them.

Ms Lowe said anyone with concerns about defective building work, can contact the QBCC 24/7 on 139 333.  


For enquiries phone 139 333.