Queensland action protects consumers from defective building products

14 May 2015

Queensland is leading the nation in efforts to protect consumers and the building industry against defective and non-compliant building products.

Commissioner of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), Steve Griffin, said the QBCC was working with other agencies to establish a framework to protect against potentially dangerous products.

The recently formed Queensland Building and Construction Product Committee aims to protect home owners and industry members from non-compliant and non-conforming products. The committee is currently comprised of the QBCC, the Queensland Office of Fair Trading and the Electrical Safety Office. 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is also due to attend the committee’s second meeting, due in June. 

“The industry is working to try and prevent a repeat of incidents such as 2014’s compulsory recall of electrical cabling product, Infinity Cable, which did not comply with Australian standards,” Mr Griffin said. 

The Queensland Building and Construction Product Committee will receive reports of potentially non-conforming products and then investigate whether the products comply with Australian standards.

“If the investigation finds that a product fails to conform and is unsafe, the QBCC will then alert the industry and request that the ACCC bans the product,” Mr Griffin said.

The establishment of the committee has been welcomed by Master Builders Queensland, whose Deputy Executive Director, Paul Bidwell, said the industry wanted non-conforming products removed from the point of sale.

“Consumers, builders, architects, designers and engineers need to be confident that the products they choose meet Australian standards – especially considering the potential rebuilding cost because of non-compliant products,” Mr Bidwell said.

Mr Griffin said issues being considered by the committee included the random testing of products to check compliance.

“I look forward to continuing to work closely with industry to try and ensure the best possible safeguards for building and construction industry members and the public,” he said.

Anyone with concerns about the safety of a building product can report their concerns to the QBCC 24/7 by phoning 139 333. 



For enquiries phone 139 333.