Second member of unlicensed Irish building gang convicted

10 April 2015

Another member of an Irish gang which targetted vulnerable and elderly southeast Queenslanders has been convicted for carrying out unlawful building work.

Richard Kiely was convicted and fined $6,000 in Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday for unlawful building work and for failing to use a written contract for the work. He faces 60 days’ imprisonment if he fails to pay the fine.

The conviction was the result of months of investigative work by officers from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

QBCC Commissioner, Steve Griffin, said his staff had liaised with Victorian Government authorities and Australian Federal Police, who served a summons on Kiely at Melbourne International Airport, shortly before he left the country.

Convicting Kiely in his absence, Magistrate Daley said it was important she impose a deterrent and that immigration authorities be notified of the conviction, should Kiely attempt to re-enter Australia.

In October 2013, Kiely verbally quoted an Everton Park home owner $5,000 to construct a fence, retaining wall and to do concreting work. The home owner paid $4,000 cash to Kiely, who completed only half the work.

Earlier this year, another reported member of the gang, Michael O’Brien, was convicted and fined $8,000 for unlicensed contracting in Sandgate Magistrates Court, Brisbane.

O’Brien failed to appear but in his absence was convicted and fined for quoting $5,500 to repair a roof, despite being unlicensed. If he fails to pay the fine he faces 80 days’ imprisonment.


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