Tradie advice - preparing your site for a storm or cyclone

1 December 2014

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) urges tradespeople to prepare their building sites in the event of a storm or cyclone warning this season.

QBCC Commissioner, Steve Griffin, said contractors should take the following precautions to help avoid the risk of injury, damage and costs associated with storms and cyclones:

  • remove from sites all loose material and building rubbish that would be considered a possible missile or hazard to people near the site
  • secure all onsite scaffolding/planks and equipment
  • brace or fully core-fill concrete masonry walls
  • fully secure all metal roof cladding, gutters and flashing
  • raise and secure all material above known flood levels in case of high tides or storm surges
  • secure any temporary structures, such as site offices and shipping containers
  • add extra bracing to frame areas that may have to resist high winds
  • provide adequate and compliant site drainage to avoid site flooding
  • close window openings to adequately protect all tongue-and-groove flooring and other timber features and furniture from wet weather
  • check that your insurance policies and coverage are fully up-to-date and sites and values are accurate
  • install protection or retaining walls to cut-and-fill sites to prevent collapse of un-retained walls and soil runoff
  • in the event of bad weather or high winds, revisit the building site as soon as safe and practical and secure or address any dangerous or failed areas.

Brian Bolton

Manager, Communications

Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Phone (07) 3225 2996