Unlicensed operators nabbed in Gold Coast building sting

18 February 2015

A building compliance sting on the Gold Coast has resulted in a number of fines and ongoing investigations into suspected unlicensed building work.

Commissioner of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), Steve Griffin, said compliance officers had issued three on-the-spot fines to unlicensed individuals during last week’s audit.

He said investigations were continuing into another three individuals suspected of undertaking unlicensed work and five suspected instances of contractors engaging unlicensed individuals.

Three men were each fined $2,277 on the spot, as will the other three suspected offenders if they are found to have performed work while unlicensed. The five contractors face fines of $910 each.
“More than 200 interviews were conducted at 46 building sites by 14 QBCC officers,” Mr Griffin said.

“Last week’s audit is part of a series of ongoing, targeted compliance audits throughout the State to protect home owners, suppliers and licensed contractors from the minority of individuals in our industry who do the wrong thing,” Mr Griffin said.

Mr Griffin urged home owners to only use licensed contractors, no matter how big or small the project. He said they should always ask to see a licence card and could also conduct a free online licence search on the QBCC website or ring the QBCC 24/7 on 139 333.


For enquiries phone 139 333.