Welcome to our new Assistant Commissioner!

The QBCC is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Assistant Commissioner, Alison Byrne.

Alison has over 15 years’ experience in legal and regulatory services, having held investigation and legal positions with the NSW Crime Commission before a lengthy stint at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW) in various roles, including in their Special Crime Unit and Western Sydney office.

WaterMark standards and non-conforming building products

Did you know that a plumbing or drainage product required to have WaterMark is a ‘non-conforming building product’ if it is being offered for sale in Queensland without WaterMark?

Section 74AB of the QBCC Act defines a ‘building product’ as “any material or thing associated with, or that could be associated with a building” and provides that—

“A building product is a non-conforming building product for an intended use if—

(a) the association of the product with a building for the use—

(i) …

Training in progress

In June, Trish Kubale, QBCC Team Leader, Plumbing and Pools Safety Licensing and Courteney Parun, QBCC Plumbing and Pools Safety Licensing Officer gave a presentation to a class of 15 students completing their Certificate III in Plumbing at the Services Trades College in Salisbury.

Notifiable Work news

Tradie looking at myQBCC on mobile phone

The recent Notifiable Work (NW) communication campaign has delivered excellent results with the number of lodgements of Form 4/4A continuing to increase steadily. The growing number of lodgements reflects the greater awareness of the Notifiable Work scheme, both within the industry and with homeowners.

The QBCC has stepped in to support the industry and licensees by responding to technical enquiries and providing educational material and guidance.   

Find a Local Contractor Directory — the free tool that helps you to connect with local home owners

The Find a local contractor directory

As a QBCC-licensed contractor, you can get connected to more customers for free. It’s as simple as registering and keeping your details updated in our new and improved Find a Local Contractor directory

With new features like Google maps overlay, click-to-dial/email and improved user design, it’s now faster and easier for local home owners to contact you.

When choosing a local contractor, Queensland home owners rely on the QBCC’s directory as a trusted source for finding licensed contractors. 

Grenfell Tower Inquiry

BBC Grenfell Tower podcast

The Grenfell Tower fire in London, UK and subsequent safety concerns regarding the use of combustible cladding has highlighted the importance of work required to mitigate fire risk around the world.

On 30 June 2017, the Queensland Government formed the Non-Conforming Building Product Audit Taskforce (the Taskforce) to conduct a targeted investigation into buildings using Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) cladding and other possible combustible products.

Portable Pool Fence Product Recall

In January 2018, the QBCC received a complaint about the ‘Portable Pool Fence Starter Kit’ Product number SKU 42270, sold by Clark Rubber online and in stores around Australia. After investigating the product, the QBCC determined that it failed Queensland’s Pool Safety Standards, and was a non-conforming building product under the QBCC Act. Read more.

Ensure you are insured - hire a QBCC licensed painter

Photo of someone holding paint samples.

Are you thinking of having painting work done to your home, garage or shed? 

We’d like to remind home and property owners that if the value of your painting work is over $3,300 (including labour, materials and GST) an insurance premium must be paid under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme.

The premium amount should be included in the price of your painting work and paid to the QBCC by your QBCC licensed contractor. 


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