Payment disputes

Monies owed

If a QBCC licensee owes you money, you can lodge a monies owed complaint to initiate a QBCC investigation. Your complaint should include details of the debt and all supporting information that substantiates an outstanding amount. The QBCC can then begin an investigation.

Licensee respondents often pay undisputed debts as a result of the QBCC investigating a monies owed complaint. It is important to note that the QBCC cannot settle a payment dispute. The monies owed process investigates licensees as they are required to pay all undisputed debts as and when the debts are due. Failure to pay an undisputed debt may result in licence suspension or cancellation.

You can lodge an online Monies Owed Complaint form, or download a Monies Owed Complaint form (PDF) that you can lodge via email or in person.