Plumber and drainer - occupational

Scope of work

  • Plumbing work, other than plumbing work for which an endorsement on a plumbers licence is required to perform the work
  • Drainage work below ground level, other than drainage work for which an endorsement on a drainers licence is required to perform the work.

Qualifications required

  • The competencies in a plumbing and draining apprenticeship for a plumber's licence; or
  • A certificate of competency in plumbing approved by the QBCC Commissioner; or
  • A foreign licence as a plumber approved by the QBCC Commissioner; or
  • A qualification at least equivalent to the qualification mentioned in paragraph A or B approved by the QBCC Commissioner.

Please note the current Certificate III in Plumbing is CPC32413.

Experience required

(a) At least one year’s practical plumbing and drainage experience after successful completion of the plumbing and draining apprenticeship; or 
(b) practical experience at least equivalent to the practical experience mentioned in paragraph (a).

Applying for a licence

For more information about the application process see Apply for an occupational plumbing and draining licence.  

If you intend on running your own plumbing or drainage business, which requires entering into contract with a homeowner or builder, you are required to hold a relevant QBCC contractor’s licence. Please see  Apply for a trade contractor licence or Apply for a nominee supervisor licence if you are a nominee for a company.