Building confidence

Building confidence with in the building and construction industry


FEATURED CONTENT for builders, trade contractors, supervisors, apprentices and other licensees.

Annual reporting due for SC1 & SC2

Contractors with revenue up to $800,000 should have lodged by 31 March.

Financial service providers

FEATURED CONTENT for accountants, book keepers, financial institutions, auditors, trustees, trust account administrators.

Retention trust training

Retention trust training must be completed by the account trustee or nominated administrator.


Building confidence with industry and property owners

Building confidence

The QBCC supports Queensland's building and construction industry — one of the state's most important sectors.

Aerial view of flooded homes in South East Queensland

SEQ flood recovery

Tips for property owners and contractors on how to get a property cleaned up, repaired and ready to live in again after flooding.

Transitioning to trusts accounts

Transitioning to trust accounts

Trust account laws have now expanded to include private sector contracting parties with eligible construction contracts with a value of $10 million or more.