Apply to get copies of your documents (Administrative Access application)

Where possible, we will release your own personal information through the streamlined Administrative Access (AA) process.

When you apply for a licence, or send in a complaint form, we create a file that contains all your paperwork. It includes any additional information you give to us, as well as copies of any letters or reports that we send you.

If you want information from your file, that you have sent us or we have sent you, you can apply to us through AA. It is an easier and quicker process than the formal Right to Information (RTI) or Information Privacy (IP) application process.

The release of information through AA is discretionary and there is no ability to seek a review of an access decision made under this scheme. However, applicants dissatisfied with a decision may make a complaint to the QBCC.

For more detail, see the Administrative Access policy (PDF) and guidelines (PDF).

 Information you can't access under AA includes:

  • information that cannot be legally released or that’s subject to legal professional privilege
  • information relating to a current case (not closed), including a dispute, complaint, investigation, prosecution or other law enforcement activity
  • large requests for information
  • personal information considered to be highly sensitive or confidential
  • generally, any information that is not your own personal information

 To request access to information that is unavailable under AA, you can apply under:

  • Information Privacy (IP) – to apply for your personal information only
  • Right to Information (RTI) – to apply for the information of other people or companies, or a combination of your personal information and the information of other people or companies

You can make an AA request for your information by:

  • Submitting your completed Administrative Access Release Form (PDF) by:

    • Email to: or
    • Post to: Right to Information and Information Privacy
                   Queensland Building and Construction Commission
                   GPO Box 5099 Brisbane Qld 4001
  • Providing proof of your identity

The QBCC is committed to protecting the privacy of your information and only releases information to authorised people. You must therefore provide proof of your identification with your application. Acceptable forms of identity include a copy of either your current Driver's Licence/Proof of Age Card, Passport or Birth Certificate.

Depending on the sensitivity of your request, we may contact you to provide a certified proof of identity. This can be done by either a Justice of the Peace, a Commissioner of Declarations, or a lawyer.

Will someone else act on your behalf?

If someone (e.g. a family member or legal representative) is acting on your behalf or as your agent, you must also provide:

When will I get my documents?

Applications processed under the Administrative Access Scheme are generally processed within 10 business days from receipt of a valid application.


AA requests are free with the exception of Site/Insurance Searches (up to 6.5 years old) and a list of QBCC licensed Certifiers.

Contact us

If you have any further questions please call us on 139 333.