Apply to get copies of your documents (Administrative Access application)

When you apply for a licence, or send in a complaint form, we create a file that contains all your paperwork. It includes any additional information you give to us, as well as copies of any letters or reports that we send you.

If you want information contained in the file that you have sent us or we have sent you, you can apply to us through Administrative Access (AA).

For more detail, see the Administrative Access policy (PDF) and guidelines (PDF)

Making a request for your information


  • a written request for the document or information
  • a copy of identification such as your driver's licence.

Please note that, depending on the sensitivity of your request, we may require a signed request and certified ID. We will contact you if this is the case.

You can send an email to or if you’d prefer, send a letter to:

The Manager
Right to Information and Information Privacy
Queensland Building and Construction Commission
GPO Box 5099
Brisbane Qld 4001

Someone else sending in a request on your behalf

If someone (including a legal representative) is acting on your behalf or as your agent, they must also provide:

  • evidence that they have authority to act on your behalf, and
  • a copy of their identification as well as a copy of your identification.

When we request certified ID, this can be done by either a Justice of the Peace, a Commissioner of Declarations, or a lawyer.

When will I get my documents?

For a valid  request, it usually takes between 5–10 business days depending on where the information is stored.


AA requests are free with the exception of Site/ Insurance searches (up to 6.5 years old) and a list of QBCC licensed Certifiers.

Contact us

If you have any further questions please call us on 139 333