It is an offence not to respond to a payment claim

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When you are given a payment claim (or invoice) you are required to either pay the claimed amount in full by the due date or issue a payment schedule within the response period. The response period is the earlier of the period specified in the contract or within 15 business days after receiving a payment claim.

You should never ignore a payment claim. Failing to respond is an offence under the BIF Act. It is also grounds for taking disciplinary action under the QBCC Act if you hold a QBCC licence.


Its now easier to get paid for the work you do

Every day, individuals and organisations enter into contracts for building and construction – and sometimes disputes arise over payments.

The Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (known as the BIF Act) which commences on 17 December 2018 helps ensure that any person who carries out construction work or supplies related goods and services under a construction contract gets paid.