Regular maintenance is essential for your on-site sewerage facility

If you are a property owner in an unsewered area, you will likely have an on-site sewerage facility (OSSF) installed at your property for the treatment and disposal of wastewater.

OSSFs can include different types of treatment and methods of disposal, such as septic tanks with transpiration trenches, aerobic sand filtration systems with surface irrigation, and aerated wastewater treatment systems with sub-surface irrigation.

Regardless of the type of OSSF on your property, all OSSFs require regular maintenance and it is your responsibility to make sure this is carried out.

In Queensland, an appropriately licensed person must legally carry out the maintenance of an on-site sewage treatment plant.

Your Local Government Authority (LGA) may also maintain an inspection program to ensure all on-site sewerage facilities are operating correctly. You should contact your LGA directly if you want to find out more about their OSSF inspection program.