Time is running out to complete your obligations under Queensland’s Safer Buildings Program 

Queensland’s Safer Buildings Program, administered by the Queensland Building Construction Commission (QBCC), provides building owners with the necessary steps to identify the presence of combustible cladding and whether this represents a cladding fire risk to their building and its occupants.

Owners of buildings that meet the legislated definition of ‘private building’ have a responsibility to comply with the program by completing the combustible cladding checklist (Checklist) by no later than 3 May 2021. Failure to complete the Checklist is an offence and QBCC will use all avenues within its regulatory powers to ensure compliance with the Checklist.

If you’re having difficulty completing the Checklist, please see the troubleshooting tips below to help you fulfil your obligations before the 3 May deadline.

For more information to help you complete the Checklist including 'how-to' videos, fact sheets and forms, visit the resources page of the Safer Buildings website.

Transfer of building to new owner

Building owners (the original owner) selling a building which has completed or is completing the Checklist must transfer ownership to the new owner using a Form 37 – Change of building ownership.

This form requires details of which parts of Checklist have been completed before the change of ownership and the requirement for all copies of each document given by, or to, the ‘original’ owner be provided to the new owner. The fact sheet Transfer a Checklist to new owner or agent is designed to assist this process.

The QBCC must also be provided a completed copy of the Form 37 provided to the new owner. Building owners are required to retain all documentation for a minimum of 7 years.

Technical issues 

Resources including a video to reset your login password and system requirements and useful tips are valuable for those experiencing technical issues.

Customers can also submit a Feedback and Enquiry form with details of their issues or call the QBCC’s Customer Contact Centre on 139 333.

Missed Checklist deadline

If you have not yet registered or completed your obligations under Part 1, 2 or 3a you are obliged to engage a fire engineer and complete Part 3B by 3 May 2021. Owners or agents for buildings that have missed a deadline and progressed to another part of the Checklist which they believe does not apply should email the QBCC at qbcc.saferbuildings.qld.gov.au

New information to support changing previous Checklist answers

Owners/agents who have new information about their building which they believe supports a change of Checklist answers already provided, may be eligible to apply for a Replacement Checklist.

The fact sheet, Replacement Checklist provides details about the acceptable circumstances to request a Replacement Checklist and the type of information needed to support the request.

Failure to complete the Checklist

Failure to complete the Checklist is an offence. Penalties include possible commencement of a prosecution in the Magistrates Court where a monetary penalty and a court order compelling the owner to complete the Checklist could be sought.

For more information see the QBCC’s media statement on potential fines and regulatory action for building owners that fail to meet their obligations to complete the Checklist.