Do you need to complete the Safer Buildings combustible cladding checklist?

An estimated 12,000 Queensland buildings are captured by new cladding laws which require building owners to report to the QBCC about the material on the exterior of their building.

The Building and Other Legislation (Cladding) Amendment Regulation (2018) came into effect on 1 October 2018 meaning that, by law, some building owners must complete the online Safer Buildings combustible cladding checklist to assess their building’s safety.

Some owners will receive letters from the QBCC to prompt them, but some won’t, and not receiving a letter doesn’t exempt an owner from the requirements.

Which buildings are affected?

Buildings that are required to be registered must meet all four of these criteria:

  • Privately-owned  (not owned by the State, Commonwealth or another State)
  • a class 2 to 9 building; and
  • of type A or B construction; and
  • for which a building development approval was given, after 1 January 1994 but before 1 October 2018, for building work to build the building or to alter the cladding on the building.

If you only satisfy some of the criteria, but not all, you don’t have to complete the checklist.

If you are in doubt about the eligibility of your building, register it and consult with a Building Industry Professional. See the DHPW Guideline for Assessing Combustible Cladding for more information. This can be found on the Safer Buildings website at

What will the checklist ask?

It’s best to be prepared and have all the information to hand before you start. Read more about what will be asked in Part 1 of the Safer Buildings combustible cladding checklist