Have you been identified for the Safer Buildings checklist?

If your building has been identified for the Safer Buildings combustible cladding checklist, you may be wondering what will be asked of you.

Safer Buildings is a secure website and will require you to prove your digital identity using a myQBCC login.

Once you have logged in, enter a unique building name – this can be the address or a shorthand name of your choosing to assist you if you save and come back to the checklist at a later date.

Before you get to the checklist questions, you must also confirm you are the owner or an approved agent for the building.

Then, you will be asked four simple questions about your building.

  • What is your building used for?
  • How many levels are in your building?
  • What is the floor area of your building?
  • What building materials are used on the exterior of the building?

To complete Part 1, you are required to print off, sign and upload a statutory declaration.

After you answer these simple questions, you will find out if you have to proceed to Part 2 of the checklist.

The deadline for completing Part 1 of the checklist is 29 March 2019 and owners may face penalties if they miss it.

If you’re still not sure what you have to do, just visit www.saferbuildings.qld.gov.au or call us on 139 333.