Media bites

Working in a 24hour news cycle and with 4.64 million people currently living in Queensland and more than 10 per cent of those residents working in the construction sector, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has been busy providing the good news.

Recently the QBCC revealed manufacturers and product suppliers who make exaggerated and false safety claims about their products have been a main focus of a specialist unit within Queensland’s building regulator.

The QBCC’s non-conforming building product (NCBP) unit has investigated more than 300 complaints since laws were established in November 2017.

Non-compliant timber cladding, insulation, cyclone-resistant sheds and unsafe pool fencing are some of the most dangerous products the team has investigated.

Other products which made it under the microscope included soundproofing panels, smartphone compatible smoke alarms and swimming pool skimmer box lids, however these were all deemed to satisfy safety requirements.

QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett said since the Queensland Government introduced the wide-reaching non-conforming building product laws and equipped the QBCC with stronger investigative powers, the NCBP unit, which was established after the laws came in, has been fielding an average of two product complaints per week.

For more information see the media release.