Notifiable work audits

Plumbing and drainage licensees are often curious as to how the QBCC conducts their audits.

When it comes to notifiable work administration audits, there are three audit programs – random, compliance and real estate.

For random audits – plumbing and drainage companies are randomly selected using online searches, industry advertisements, newspapers, contractor licence lists, radio advertising and vehicle advertising.

For compliance audits – licensees are selected who are known to have a history of non-compliance or there is evidence to suggest a company is not complying with their notifiable work obligations. These audits are often based on internal referrals from evidence collected during the course of an investigation or complaint.

For real estate audits – these audits are conducted in person at real estate offices across Queensland. Real estate audits serve a dual purpose, as the QBCC uses them to check notifiable work compliance of licensed plumbers and drainers and to check the licensing status of companies who are regularly employed by the real estate agents or owners to perform plumbing and drainage work.

In 2017, the QBCC conducted 550 notifiable work administration audits across Queensland. Real estate audits were conducted in various regions, including Toowoomba, Cairns, Townsville, Hervey Bay, Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Logan and Sunshine Coast.

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