Safer Buildings combustible cladding checklist ticks over to Part 2 

The QBCC is continuing to work with building owners to identify combustible cladding and ensure Queenslanders are safe. 

The Part 1 deadline elapsed on 29 March 2019, with some buildings required to continue to Part 2. 

Part 2 of the three-part Safer Buildings checklist will get us one step closer to peace of mind. With the expertise of building industry professionals, we will be able to narrow down further how many buildings in Queensland have potentially combustible cladding. 

Buildings that need further assessment following the conclusion of Part 1 will have until 31 July 2019 to file a building industry professional report to the QBCC. 

There are two reasons a building can be required to move to Part 2: 

  • The owner’s answers in Part 1 did not rule out the presence of combustible cladding; or 
  • The owners did not complete Part 1 on time, and must complete Parts 1 and 2.

Part 2 requires a building industry professional to complete the Form 34 – Building Industry Professional Statement. The approved form is now available on the Resources page of the Safer Buildings website. 

It is expected that the majority of buildings entering Part 2 will not have combustible cladding. 

Penalties will apply for those failing to meet the compliance deadlines for the Safer Buildings combustible cladding checklist. 


Get in touch with the Safer Buildings team by email at or call 139 333.