Safer Buildings Part 3 – what you need to know

Part 2 of the Safer Buildings audit closed on 31 July 2019. If you are now completing Part 3, here are the answers to a few questions you may have.  

Why are there two deadlines for Part 3? 

Safer Buildings Part 3 has two steps with different deadlines. Part 3a must be completed by 31 October 2019, while Part 3b must be completed by 3 May 2021. 

What do I have to do by 31 October 2019 (Part 3a)?

All that must be completed by 31 October 2019 is to register the name and contact details of the fire engineer who will be assessing your building on the Safer Buildings website. This information can not be provided to the QBCC by any other means, and must be entered into the online system to meet your obligations. 

What do I have to do by 3 May 2021 (Part 3b)? 

By 3 May 2021, a fire engineer must have assessed your building and provided a Building Fire Safety Risk Assessment and a Form 35 Fire Engineer's Statement, which is available under the Resources tab of the Safer Buildings website.

These documents will help you to answer Questions 7 to 10 on the combustible cladding checklist on the Safer Buildings wesbite and complete Part 3. 

Where do I find a fire engineer?

Building owners can undertake an online registration search with the Board of Professional Engineers of Qld (BPEQ) to ensure a fire engineer is appropriately licenced and/or registered as a fire engineer or fire safety engineer as required by legislation.

What happens if my building is found to have combustible cladding after completing Part 3?

You must display a Form 42 Affected Private Building Notice which is available on the Safer Buildings website under the Resources tab. 

The Safer Buildings program is about protecting the safety of Queenslanders. 

The QBCC thanks building owners and agents for cooperating with the requirements of the audit.

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