Service Trades Council and QBCC visit Townsville

On 15 June 2017, the Service Trades Council (STC) visited Townsville and held a forum for local members of the plumbing, drainage, fire protection and mechanical services industries.

About 25 industry members attended the forum, which included topics such as the Non-Conforming Building Products Bill, supervision of apprentices, hot water system compliance, working near electrical lines and an update from Ian Savage of Townsville City Council.

While the STC was in the area, officers from the QBCC’s Service Trades Unit also attended to conduct compliance activities.

The team visited nine real estate agents in the Cardwell and Hinchinbrook areas, to gather information to ensure that only licensed plumbers were performing plumbing work and that all Form 4s were being submitted when notifiable work is performed.

The team also conducted compliance activities in Townsville, attending seven existing buildings to check the maintenance of fire safety installations and nine construction sites to conduct licence checks.

The QBCC must check maintenance records to ensure that fire safety installations are being maintained as often as is required in the Queensland Development Code. Compliance checks are also to ensure that this type of maintenance work has been performed by appropriately licensed tradespeople.

The next STC meeting will be held in Bundaberg on 10 August, 2017, and any licensees in that area are encouraged to attend to get updates on important matters for their industry. Register to attend Bundaberg Forum and Networking Event at STC events.