Licensee survey results summary

In February 2020, the Service Trades Council published a survey to gather important industry information from licensees. More than 550 responses were received, providing valuable feedback on important topics. Licensees also expressed how the Council could better meet their needs.

The Council will be working with the QBCC to ensure that the requested topics are covered in upcoming newsletters and social media. Some of the topics that we will be bringing you in the next 12 months include:

  • Decisions against licensees
  • Changes to the industry
  • Number of infringements for unlicensed work
  • Webinars and information sessions
  • Compliance activity
  • Information about Form 4’s
  • Licensing information for Endorsements
  • On-site waste water installation and maintenance best practice
  • Solar hot water licensing requirements
  • Licensing changes to HVAC and the effect that this will have on qualified trades
  • The role of the STC and relationship to QBCC
  • Plumbing and drainage laws
  • Updates on standards and codes
  • Licensing requirements
  • Health issues for services trades council workers
  • Unlicensed council/civil works doing plumbing work
  • Financial reporting
  • Monies owed complaint process
  • Fire protection licensing requirements

If you have additional topics that you would like to know more about, you can send request to