Tradie Talk

R U OK? Day - 9 September 2021

Spark a conversation with someone who might be doing it tough

Thursday, 9 September 2021 is R U OK? Day. A day for you to reach out to your workmate and check in with them, for them to know there’s someone ready to listen if they need to talk. 

Tradies face a range of challenges across their working lives. These can include job uncertainty, financial pressures, intense physical demands and workplace culture issues. Some tradies can feel that they don’t have anyone to talk to about these issues which can impact on their mental and emotional wellbeing.

New online tool - Is it notifiable work?

A new online tool is available to determine if your work is notifiable work.

Using the tool is as simple as answering a series of questions about the type of building, and plumbing and drainage work you are doing.

Depending on your answers, messages are displayed identifying your work as notifiable work, permit work, minor work or unregulated work - making it easier for you to decide if you are required to submit a Form 4.

When to lodge notifiable work

Notifiable work (NW) is a category of plumbing and drainage work allowing a plumber or drainer to perform work without a local government permit or mandatory inspections. It includes most work performed in existing homes and limited work on commercial buildings.

All regulated plumbing and drainage work, including permit, notifiable or minor works, must be performed by a QBCC licensed plumber or drainer.

No increase for Queensland Home Warranty Scheme premiums

The Queensland Home Warranty Scheme (the Scheme), provides home owners with cover for loss where their contractor does not complete the job or fails to fix defective work. 

Licensed contractors who carry out residential construction work must pay a premium to the QBCC on behalf of the home owner to insure their work under the Scheme.

The premiums for the Scheme are reviewed annually and adjusted where necessary to ensure the Scheme remains sustainable. The premiums are set on a sustainable but not-for-profit basis.

Commissioner's message – June 2021

Welcome to the June edition of Construction Connect.

The new fire protection licensing framework commenced on 1 May 2021, and we provide a brief overview of the changes and what they mean for the industry.

We discuss nominee requirements and the concern that companies may be using high-risk employment arrangements to carry out building work. Without a suitably employed nominee supervisor, there is an unreasonable risk of defective and unsafe work.

Mechanical services licences that reflect the work you perform

Are you an employee with a highly focused scope of work? Are you considering applying for a Mechanical Services Plumbing or Medical Gas licence using your experience to support an alternative qualification pathway? Are you  concerned that your experience may not be broad enough? Don’t be.

The ins and outs of managing cash flow

‘Inadequate cash flow or high cash use’ was the leading cause for the failure of construction businesses in the latest Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Insolvency Report (FY: 2018-19) and has been the most ‘nominated cause for business failure’ in seven of the last ten reports produced by ASIC. 

So, how do successful construction businesses manage cash flow and avoid becoming a statistic?