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Message for accountants – the lodgement deadline for Self-certifying licensees is 31 March 2021

If your building industry clients belong in the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s (QBCC) Self-certifying 1 (SC1) or Self-certifying (SC2) categories, they must lodge their annual financial reporting by 31 March 2021. SC1 licensees have annual turnover up to $200,000 and SC2 licensees have an annual turnover between 200,001 and $800,000.

The lodgement deadline for Category 1-7 licensees (who have an annual turnover exceeding $800,000) was 31 December 2020.

Safe systems of work

Safe systems of work are critical for the high-risk work undertaken by the building and construction industry. Licensees must exercise a range of due diligence obligations to ensure the safety of their workers, sub-contractors and others on building sites. Sub-contractors also have this duty, and often there is a shared duty between licensees.

Category 1-7 licensees – your annual reporting is overdue

The deadline for lodging annual financial information for category 1-7 licensees was 31 December 2020. If you are a category 1-7 licensee and have not already lodged your Annual Reporting, it is overdue (unless a different date has been agreed in writing with the QBCC). We urge you to lodge now to avoid penalties or licence conditions.

For more details, refer to the annual reporting pages on the QBCC website.

Not sure how to lodge online?

Please refer to the:

Commissioner's message – February 2021

Welcome to the first edition of Construction Connect for 2021. We have a big issue this quarter.

We bring you an overview of the new streamlined trust account framework commencing 1 March 2021.

A timely reminder for Self-certifying 1 and Self-certifying 2 licensees that their annual financial reporting deadline is coming up on 31 March 2021. We also share resources for Category 1-7 licensees, whose annual reporting is now overdue.

Self-certifying 1 (SC1) and Self-certifying 2 (SC2) licensees have until 31 March 2021 to submit annual financial reporting  

SC1 and SC2 licensees are due to lodge their annual financial information for the most recent financial year (most likely FY 30 June 2020) by 31 March 2021. If you have recently lodged your annual reporting online, you should have received a receipt and  copy of lodgement.

Lodge online now – no need for an accountant 

There’s no need to wait until the deadline, and you don’t need to see an accountant.  

Local government audits of notifiable work

The QBCC and local governments both have a role in ensuring that notifiable work is performed to a high standard.

The QBCC conducts audits of notifiable work lodgements to ensure that licensees are lodging Form 4s when they perform notifiable work.

Local governments may conduct physical audits of notifiable work within their local government area to ensure that it meets required codes and standards. To identify locations for audit, local governments access the QBCC's database of notifiable work lodgements.

Renewing an associated licence 

Individuals (not companies) who hold an associated QBCC plumbing or drainage related contractor, nominee supervisor or site supervisor licence are not required to pay a fee if they apply for, restore or renew a plumbing and/or drainage occupational licence.

The plumbing and/or occupational drainage licence and associated QBCC licences are listed in the table below.