Appeals against decisions by local governments

If you disagree with a decision made by a local government about a plumbing application you have made or work you have performed, you may be able to lodge an appeal about the decision to the Development Tribunals.

The Development Tribunals are a low-cost and quick appeal process, and can hear appeals about:

  • a decision to not issue a compliance permit or compliance certificate
  • a decision about compliance assessment of regulated plumbing and drainage work, including on-site sewerage work
  • an enforcement notice requiring a person to rectify work, including defective or dangerous work
  • a decision not to allow the use of an alternative solution or performance solution.

Tribunals are made up of between one and three referees and are established as-needed from a pool of qualified referees. Hearings are conducted informally, and legal representation is not permitted. Decisions made by Tribunals are delivered in plain English.

Appeals must be lodged within the required timeframe, in the appropriate form and with the appropriate fee. The period is generally 20 business days from the day you receive the notice. If the appeal is against an enforcement notice for plumbing or drainage work which is dangerous, constitutes a health risk or is discharging incorrectly, the appeal must be lodged within five business days.

The fees for appeals vary depending on the type of building, and whether or not a site inspection is required. The schedule of fees and Form 10—Application for appeal or declaration are provided on the Department of Housing and Public Works’ website.

If you need more information about the Tribunal appeal process, please call 1800 804 833 or email