Compliance and enforcement targets met or exceeded

Compliance and enforcement strategies are important tools we use to support the integrity of the building and construction industry.

Each year the QBCC sets out a Compliance and Enforcement Strategy for the year ahead by identifying the most significant problems affecting the industry and taking into account:

  • feedback from the community
  • industry monitoring
  • environmental scanning
  • trends in non-compliance; and
  • information from other regulatory agencies.

This strategy provides transparency on where the QBCC focuses its efforts to protect the public and industry.

The Compliance and Enforcement Strategy 2017/18 set out seven compliance priorities the QBCC set out to address during the past financial year. All seven priorities have been met and in most cases the target has been exceeded, see illustration below.

For more information on the work of the QBCC in the past financial year please see the QBCC Annual Report 2017/18.