Heat plays havoc with building materials

Tradespeople working in Queensland are used to the heat, although there are a few more things they need to be aware of while on worksites as summer temperatures start to rise.

High temperatures (above 30 degrees Celsius) and windy conditions can affect the application and performance of various building materials, such as concrete, primer, rendered coating, waterproofing membrane, adhesive, and grout.

Excessive heat can:

  • speed up the drying process so applied products do not penetrate the surface
  • be absorbed by porous substrate materials resulting in adhesion or application issues
  • reduce the workability of products and make them more difficult to clean up
  • cause extensive shrinkage cracking.   

It is crucial that licensed contractors take precautions in the heat, and make adjustments to their processes if needed. This is to ensure building products are installed correctly and produce the desired results.

Some precautions contractors may take in hot weather include:

  • using a shade cloth or tarp to protect materials from direct sunlight or windy conditions
  • wetting down of surfaces before products are applied
  • cooling down the product mix as much as possible
  • making up smaller batches of product and applying immediately, before making up another batch.

Anyone with questions about the application process for building products should refer in the first instance to the manufacturer’s guidelines, then to relevant industry association recommendations.

Heat plays havoc with building and construction materials