Let’s work together to stop unlicensed contracting

At the QBCC, we are determined to go after unlicensed rogues who do the wrong thing by the construction industry and their customers.

In order to do this, we need your help.

We rely on the public – that includes licensees, home owners, neighbours and everyone in between – to provide us with information and, most importantly, evidence of unlicensed building work.

With this information, we are able to pursue these unscrupulous individuals by taking every step within our powers to prosecute them and prevent them from continuing to take advantage of unsuspecting, and often vulnerable, members of the community.

We realise that many of you think that solving the issue of unlicensed contracting for the building industry is our job here at the QBCC.

While it is our role to regulate the industry, we believe we can do an even better job with your help.

We strongly encourage anyone with information about unlicensed building work to get in touch with us.

You can call us on 139 333 or visit us on social media.

Comments (4)

As the holder of a Builder Low Rise License this is an issue I come across often. Unfortunately the QBCC evidence requirements are too involved to warrant reporting unlicensed contractors. I live in a small rural town and my business is impacted by unlicensed contractors, however in a small community my reporting of non-compliance would cause even more problems. I understand the QBCC needs evidence to act, but we need some kind of annonimity to inform. Surely some system can be implemented with checks and balances as to the veracity of the informer?

Thanks very much for your comment and feedback. If a complaint is submitted to us with evidence then we are able to investigate and advise the complainant of the outcome. If a complaint or information is submitted to us anonymously, it is referred to our investigations team for assessment and proactive investigation. I will submit your feedback into our Customer Feedback Management System for further consideration, and if you're interested to discuss our complaints process please give us a call on 139 333. Thanks again, Kate

Many of these, "catching unlicensed people issues" should be done by QBCC officers with certain powers to gather the evidence that is required to convict. QBCC need powers to audit handymen's bookkeeping then go back to their customer and find out what work was done. Handymen make out they are more honest, than say a plumber because they are cheaper, but have no clue what they are doing. I watch Electricians at my plumbing supplies buy totally incorrect plumbing fittings along with their new Hot water units to install hwu that will never be compliant or have a Form 4 submitted. Trades people are under so much scutiny, we are spending our spare time ensuring that we are compliant. I am using my Xmas holidays to keep up to date with all the literature from QBCC that we need to read to ensure we are not missing any issues. QBCC need legislated powers to randomly check handymen type companies, other trades, plumbing suppliers, and work out what they are doing. You can easily work out as the plumbing supplies will put in the job name or some link to the customer. The money you get in fines would be enough to employ officers to do this. QBCC you are the governing body only you can solve these issues.

Hi Scott, thanks very much for your suggestions and especially for giving examples of how you think this could be achieved. I'll submit your feedback to our customer feedback register so that it can be distributed to the business accordingly. Thanks again and have a nice Christmas, Kate.